Fleisch – German Word of the Week

Not only do Germans like sausages in all varieties, shapes and colours, but they also like to grip to a junk of well-hung flesh with their carnivorous teeth…erm…wait a minute: flesh? No travel guide ever mentioned to watch out for cannibals in Germany, surely?! So what’s up with Germans eating flesh? Well, I once heard someone comment that the German language tends to name things what they are and keeps them fairly simple (relatively speaking), and this is also the case with this week’s German Word of the Week Fleisch (or flesh). Germans don’t eat pork, they eat pig flesh. You don’t get served veal at the restaurant, but calf’s flesh. Ask for cattle flesh instead of beef…and you’ll have a delicious meal. The really brave visitor may also ask for some horse flesh – a delicacy in many parts of Germany. So, if you ever crave a juicy bit of flesh, you know where to go!

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