Germany has got a few forest regions that are known beyond the borders, like the Black Forest (who wouldn’t know the Black Forest Gateau?), the lesser known Bavarian Forest bordering the Czech Republic, or the Teutoburg Forest where the Varian disaster took place in which the Germanic tribes destroyed three Roman legions (“Varus, Varus, give me back my legions!”). In this week’s German Word of the Week, you’ll hear about a new type of forest (German translation: Wald) in Germany. Anyone who’s driven a car in Germany at night will have been blinded on at least one occasion by the reflections of a myriad of traffic signs on the road. Welcome to the Schilderwald! Signs crammed on road sides have become so much part of the Auto-culture that they have been attributed the qualities of living things and called “forest of road signs” or, more adventurous, a “traffic sign jungle”.

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