Events for Translators and Interpreters in 2015

Following a cold winter in New Zealand and a gorgeous summer in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to look at translation/interpreting events for the last few months of 2015! List below:

  • 13 September: Presentation on the Art of Literary Translation (Kunst des literarischen Übersetzens) as part of the International Literary Festival in Berlin.
  • 16-18 SeptemberMedia for All conference in Sydney. This year’s conference is on the global challenges in audio-visual translation and accessibility in the media.
  • 1-3 OctoberOCCT Annual Conference in Oxford, England, on Prismatic Translation. It will be attended by scholars, theorists, translators, writers and artists.
  • 2-3 OctoberDVÜD Conference (#DKonf2015) in Hamburg, Germany, by the German Translators and Interpreters, DVÜD. Topic: “Business Dialogue & Workshop for Language Service Providers and their Clients”.
  • 9-11 OctoberTriKonf in Freiburg, Germany, on “Tuning the Machine”. It’s all about tools and translation. The conference will be in three languages, French, German and English, and will be held for the 2nd time this year.
  • 4-7 NovemberATA56 (#ata56) in Miami, Florida. The annual conference of the US translator’s association.
  • 11-13 November: tcworld15 in Stuttgart, Germany. Tickets are offered for free by some exhibitors or available for  €20 per day!
  • 20-21 NovemberEXPOLINGUA in Berlin. Although this event is not purely for translators and interpreters, the InDialog Conference will be hosted as part of Expolingua. The conference’s topic is: “Community Interpreting In Dialogue With Technology”.
  • 26-27 NovemberTC37 (Translation and the Computer) in London.

This list is not complete, but it shows that some interesting conferences are taking place over the next few months! Will you attend any of these?

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