German Interpreting Service in New Zealand

Contact me if you are looking for a professionally trained and experienced interpreter in New Zealand. I offer German and English interpreting services both locally and remotely. Costs for interpreting services are based on a daily rate with travel costs and incurred expenses to be paid by the contracting party. An hourly rate is potentially available for remote interpreting services. Please contact me to discuss your requirements further.

Below you’ll find an overview of the most common interpreting techniques to help you identify which one is best suited to your specific need:

Conference Interpreting

This form of interpreting is ideal for large events, board meetings, AGMs, business conferences and other large meetings as well as for all events where more than one language is used.

Private Business Meetings

Meetings with fewer participants and in which only one language is used are suitable for consecutive interpreting.

Public Service Interpreting (PSI)

All forms of interpreting (conference, consecutive and whispering interpreting) can be applied in public service settings. These include interpreting for the police, hospitals, courts, etc.

Remote    Interpreting   

When no interpreter is available locally or the assignment is very short and would not justify extensive travel, remote interpreting via video conferencing and other methods can be used.

Simultaneous Interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter renders the speech (almost) simultaneously into another language. The interpreter sits in a sound-proof interpreting booth and is transforming input from one language, e.g. speech or comment, into another language while listening to the input.

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, stretches of speech that last between 10-15min are transferred into another language. The interpretation is carried out deferred from the original speech. The interpreter is generally placed by the speaker so s/he can be heard by the audience when delivering the interpretation.

Whispering    Interpreting   

This is a form of simultaneous interpreting, but without the use of technical equipment. Instead of sitting in a booth and speaking into a microphone, the interpreter whispers the interpretation into the ear of the person s/he is interpreting for.

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