Specialised German Translator

A professional translator with the right training and qualifications is the best choice to transfer your message convincingly to the target audience. As a specialised translator in marketing, medical and IT translations, I am not only a linguist, but also an expert on the subject matter. My offer includes German translations from English, French and Russian. Please find more details on past projects and my specialisations below.

MedTech and Healthcare

Translating medical documentation, manuals, clinical protocols, leaflets, surveys, informed consents, medical website content and more since 2008, I will make sure the content of your texts is translated accurately. My qualifications include an academic specialisation in medical studies and various programmes and courses I regularly attend as part of my continuous professional development.

Digital Marketing & SEO

With a background in digital marketing (SEO), I will help you reach your target audience and deliver your message to your customers. Past projects include website localisation, content localisation, on-page SEO, PR materials, keyword research, marketing brochures, blog content, social media messages, tourist information leaflets, and more.

Information Technology

The translation of documents in the IT sector is an integral part of my translation services. IT translations include help articles, online courses for employees, user manuals, website offerings of IT companies, software solutions and more. I make sure I am up-to-date on current developments and I increase my IT expertise through various CPD programmes.

Agricultural Sector

Fun fact, I can drive a tractor. I live on a 56 ha dry stock farm, and have a love for horse riding. My passion and my 9 to 5 are translation and interpreting, but I can be seen weighing calves or setting up grazing breaks on the weekends. This specialisation found me, so to speak, and I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge of the NZ beef and dairy industry over the years.

Overnight Translations

Since I am based in New Zealand (GMT+12), I can provide overnight translation services for customers based in the GMT time zone. Just send your document in the evening and you will receive the translation the following morning. I recommend contacting me a day or two in advance so we can arrange the details.

Other Specialisations and Languages

Other languages and specialisations can be arranged upon request through a network of highly qualified colleagues. I manage multiple languages for several of my clients. Just send me an email or call and I'll put the right team for your project together.

    To receive a tailored translation or interpreting quote, please get in touch.